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Name: Apolonia Damian-Nunez | Ethnicity: Polish-Peruvian American | Contact:

Hey! I’m Apolonia/Apple Damian Nunez, an Illustrator and Designer from Queens, NY, currently working in Character Design and Visual Development for Animation. I started illustrating professionally in 2020, and like to bounce between working on sequential art and visual development. I use my background in fine art to deliver a large range of styles and always strive to represent diverse characters and new stories.

When not drawing, you can probably find me playing video games, working on a cosplay, or rock climbing!

comic artist


BFA Fine Art New York University


TAG, LXiA, WIA member


Titmouse Inc. / Disney Jr. / Nickelodeon / Somos Arte / FU-Stamps / Wingless Comics / Winterman Comics

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apple nunez
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