Visual development and bringing characters to life.



A fictional character whose role in her rural community was to hunt and gather resources. Upon one of her ventures, she happens upon an "ancient mine" -- an abandoned spacecraft of sorts. While exploring this vessel, she uncovers the artifact she will soon come to call "Masi", a dodecahedron-shaped communication device that survived the crash long ago. From time to time, this artifact whispers "incantations" to her, encouraging her to harness a long-forgotten magic.

Other notes: Her name is composed from the Quechua words "quya" (queen) and "yanta" (firewood).



Here are early concept sketches for a character I was asked to design for a tabletop role playing game. Belonging to a clan of mountain people with strong traditions, Pakuna ventures out on a spiritual pilgrimage to discover his ancestry and test his surivival skills.